"Data is key - if you don't embrace data, you will perish. New platforms in which our future processes are going to sit will be fundamental to our future, so deconstructing and reconstructing the firm in the digital environment is what we must do."​

"Current airlines' IT systems are looking a bit Jurassic to be honest" 

Sir Tim Clarke, President Emirates

"Data itself doesn’t have any value, it's what you do with it that matters. Having clean data – data that is accurate, collated, quantitatively measurable, and easily analysed – is half the battle."

Kieron Branagan, Institute of Directors of Ireland


Operators derive little benefit from data when it comes to real time cost management. Operators' future competitiveness depends not only on having data, but using it efficiently and in real time. 

The solution? Aerolytix 

Our solution can be tailored to the specific needs of different aviation sectors.

General Aviation

Aerolytix focuses on real time quote generation

Commercial drones

Aerolytix provides operators with their true operating costs

Commercial Aviation

Aerolytix focuses on disruption analysis by enabling real time scenario planning

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